Is GentleBirth for me?

You want to have a positive birth but you're not sure you'll be able to cope with a natural birth.
You’re convinced you've a low pain threshold you’ve heard that natural birth is incredibly painful, long and exhausting.

You know Mums who have attempted to have a natural birth and now just rave about epidurals and think you’re mad to even consider a drug free birth.
If women that you know and trust can't do it, you're not sure if you can.

You are afraid you may not achieve a natural birth even if you try.
You know on some level that your body is built to give birth, you didn’t have to take classes in how to grow your baby… but you doubt whether you really can give birth without an epidural.


The GentleBirth Positive Birth Program addresses all of these concerns

You are ready to prepare for a positive birth but you're having a hard time finding a method that is right for you.
You're not finding the information that can help you to prepare for a positive birth and the ability to cope with anything that comes your way on the day calmly and confidently.

Despite the fact that your body knows how to grow a baby, many Mums are very afraid of the birth process.
They know they need to do something to ease their fears, educate their minds, and prepare their bodies for birth. What they want is a simple, convenient, and effective way of getting the information they need and deserve.

The GentleBirth Positive Birth Program addresses all of these concerns


What will I learn from GentleBirth?

An approach to positive birth preparation that makes sense.
You would be happy to follow a program if you could be sure that it actually worked consistently. You're not looking for miracles. You are searching for straightforward proven methods of coping with labour. GentleBirth teaches you and your partner proven techniques and tools for coping with labour in a straight-forward, simple manner.

Childbirth preparation techniques that you can actually apply.
You want to be able to practice techniques and feel in your body, mind, and spirit that they will work for you on the day.

Information that is essential.
Learn in a practical no-nonsense way about what you need to achieve a positive birth in Ireland. You want to know the essential pieces that you need to know and practice to have the best possible birth. GentleBirth walks you through the essential ingredients for an ‘undisturbed birth’. These include educating yourself about the birth process, learning techniques that work for you, practicing the techniques alone and with your birth partner, choosing a caregiver and location to give birth that are supportive of natural birth, paying attention to your baby's positioning, releasing your fears about labour, etc.

A class that you can do at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.
You may have a busy schedule and you need to have the necessary information at your fingertips when the chance to focus arises. Driving to class for 4-6 sessions at pre-determined times can feel like too much when you already have a busy lifestyle and pregnant.

GentleBirth can be done at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home or at a weekend workshop.

An instructor who is accessible even after the workshop is over or after you’ve finished the homestudy program.
You may find that questions arise in the days that follow a workshop. In a traditional class setting you might not have access to your instructor after the class time is over.

GentleBirth provides you with access to your instructors throughout your pregnancy and after. You may have a question arise days, weeks, or months later as you practice the techniques and consider your birth preferences. You can contact me at any time via phone or email or post to the online mentoring area of the members-only site.

What results can I expect from using GentleBirth?
Here are a few immediate and longer-term results that you may experience based feedback from our couples.

By using the GentleBirth hypnobirthing program all of the above (and more) is possible with regular use of your CDs.

Wishing you a very positive birth!

Tracy Donegan