GentleBirth Dads

GentleBirth Dads play a huge role in planning and facilitating the most positive birth possible.  In GentleBirth we sideline fear - not fathers. Our homestudy program now includes a birth preparation hypnosis session for Dads to be as well as one for after birth to help your partner to adjust to life as a new Dad. 


Michael – First Time Dad

I had expected it to be bit hippy dippy scented candles and chanting too but far from that I found it very practical and down to earth. I think it offers real solid advice for dads and is as important for them as it is for mothers, as the mums won’t exactly be focused on communicating their needs when the time comes. It’s very useful to get a “heads up” like this on what will be happening on the day and what the choices are that you may be presented with and even more importantly what those choices really mean in terms of outcome. It’s basically all the information you would like to have on the day but wont have the time or presence of mind to ask for and digest.

Peter – First Time Dad

It was a very relaxing informative day and much better than I expected.  The workshop gave me great information to offer support to my wife in her pursuit of a relaxing stress free birth.

The class was great for the preparation of the birth. Tracy's stories of her as a Doula helping pregnant mothers was very helpful, especially on being prepared to deal with hospital staff and hospital policy and how to remain calm when specifying your desires and being firm and in the requesting them. For instance, my wife and I went into the hospital when we believe my wife's waters had broken. However once inside the hospital to confirm that the waters were not broken, the doctors tried to keep my wife in, but I was able to insist that we go home to ensure we were in our own relaxing environment.

I would recommend going to the course. The books and cds are great on the own, but sitting the course is well worth it and definitely helped me immensely in preparing to remain calm once the birth day arrived -  thanks Tracy.

Brian – First Time Dad

Was the workshop what you expected? 

Not at all. I pictured us sitting on pillows in a circle, doing meditation and things like that. I didn't really know what to expect to be honest. I was a bit apprehensive about having to participate actively in things I wouldn't feel comfortable doing (even like making speeches/presentations/group-exercises). 

Like most people (men especially), I'd have a fairly limited comfort-zone when it comes to discussing sex-life, female reproduction and so on with a group of strangers. I also felt like it might be like 'work' having to spend Saturday and Sunday at a prenatal course. I quickly realised that there was no cause for these concerns. The whole weekend was surprisingly relaxing and there was certainly no discomfort or embarrassment. I felt better rested coming into work on Monday than I do most weeks. 

 To be honest, I was also sceptical about the whole basis for Gentle Birth and Hypnobirthing and I thought the content might be fairly 'wishy-washy', unscientific and probably not very useful in the real world ("women's stuff", without wanting to sound too chauvinistic!!). Again, I was pleasantly surprised by the well-informed, researched and presented information, always with reference to scientific studies, real-world experience and best practice in other countries compared to ours.

Did you find the workshop increased your confidence in facilitating the most positive birth possible? 

Absolutely. I knew almost nothing about labour and the hospital practices and procedures before attending. I feel well prepared now to survive the day(s) and help out in a way I couldn't have done before. It's comforting too to learn about some of the pitfalls and negative experiences that can be avoided with a little information and preparation. If anything, I think the course was more useful for the men than the women. Most of the women seemed to be well-informed on the subject to begin with whereas the men had far more to gain. Plus it got me thinking a lot more about the whole thing, and in a structured way so that I'm encouraged to read some of those 'Dad's' chapters in the books that have been not-too-subtly left lying around at home lately.

I really enjoyed the course. Nothing I can think of to complain about (for once!) and it was well worth the money.

Fergus – First Time Dad

Even though mywife had to have a c-section on the end we were very calm and relaxed throughout due to the confidence we had gained from attending the course and from using some of the tips we learned on the course.  Well worth taking the GentleBirth course! Thanks again Tracy!