How it works

As a Mum to be you want to welcome your baby into the world in the safest, most gentle way possible. GentleBirth provides you with the road map to a fulfilling empowered, dignified birth experience in whatever direction your body and baby will take you – in hospital or at home – with or without an epidural.

The GentleBirth positive birth program is influenced by the work of several motivational teachers such as Louise Hay and the ground breaking fear resolution work of Byron Katie. We bring the expertise of leading edge wisdom of midwives such as Ina May Gaskin and obstetrician Dr. Michel Odent right to your door.  We’ve also applied the principles of the most influential sports psychologists, and positive psychology teachers in the world to bring you the most unique antenatal program available today.

GentleBirth teaches you brain training techniques that allow you to deeply relax instantly and easily with or without a birth partner as you practice during your pregnancy. Your partner has a significant role during the birth proces supporting you with strategies employed by midwives and doulas around the globe.

Within days of beginning the program your confidence increases and you start tolook forward to your baby's birth. You find that you can think about labour without any of the anxiety you had in the past. The more you use the program the more your confidence increases and you begin to enjoy a calm relaxed pregnancy without the fear.  The benefits don't stop there - being relaxed and confident during the birth of your baby can significantly reduce your need for epidurals, unnecessary interventions and often shortens labour. GentleBirth babies are known for their calm, relaxed demeanours making those early weeks of parenthood even more rewarding.

How it Works…

It's not's not New Age.....and it's not magic - it's just biology.

Far from New Age, neuroscience is now showing us the negative impact high levels of stress hormones (adrenaline) have on Mum and baby during pregnancy,birth and postnatally.  High levels of stress is associated with lower birth weight babies and more preterm births as well as post natal depression. Chronic anxiety and fear causes a chemical response in your body that changes how your body releases hormones. Brain training for birth helps you create a deep state of relaxation - keeping stress hormones low and enhancing your body's natural pain relieving endorphin and oxytocin production. Hypnosis, mindfulness & CBT changes how you perceive the sensations of birth. Some Mums experience pressure or tightenings rather than debilitating pain, others experience period like sensations.

During your pregnancy you have probably become much more particular about what you eat and're more careful around any chemicals you might be exposed to - you may have even changed your car or plan on moving to a bigger house. You're taking better care of yourself as your body does the amazing work of growing your baby. These are very important in preparing for the arrival of your baby but mental and emotional preparation for birth and parenting is practically unheard of.

Mentally and physically preparing yourself for the big day ahead with confidence and information can turn your baby’s birth into a life changing empowering, amazing experience -  or a fearful, paralyzing distressing one - which one will you choose?

How You Can Stack the Odds in Your Favor of Having a Positive Birth?

We can’t always predict how a Mum’s labour will progress but you can prepare for it to give you and your partner the best chance of having a positive birth – with or without assistance.

GentleBirth provides you with the road map to a fulfilling empowered, dignified birthexperience in whatever direction your body and baby will take you. You and your partner will learn to recognise the sign posts that will take you closer to your dream of a GentleBirth for you and your baby or further away from it.

Deliberately directing your thoughts to a more positive mindframe takes practice and is not high on the priority list for most mums to be in our busy lives but with some focused attention you can change your entire outlook during this magical time. Your thoughts (positive or negative) dictate what's going on in your body - fear leads to panic, tension and pain. Every thought you have creates a chemical reaction in your body. Mindfulness helps mums to respond rather than react to stressful events.  You're learning 'respondability' to negative thoughts.

GentleBirth helps you to change chronic thought patterns (worry, anxiety and stress) to confidence and excitement in a very short time. Your expectations of the experience ahead is transformed. It feels like a weight has been lifted as you look forward to your baby’s birth without any fear. The confidence that comes with GentleBirth means that you and your partner feel prepared to handle anything that comes your way on the day of your baby’s birth without anxiety. As you learn to tune into your instincts and trust your amazing body you’ll find that your new skills will be an additional bonus as you settle into Mothering and breastfeeding your baby.

Consider GentleBirth to be a fitness program for your mind - it's ‘braintraining’. Just like any physical fitness program you would follow at a gym the more time you invest in the program the more benefits you experience. Thankfully you experience the benefits of GentleBirth almost immediately and with a lot less effort!

As you follow the program week by week each of the 8 CDs build upon the last resulting in the most comprehensive and effective birth preparation program available today. You and your partner will also learn about different support strategies used by Midwives and birth assistants around the world.

In contrast to other birth hypnosis programs that focus on only one element of birth preparation, (hypnosis) GentleBirth combines three critical elements which is part of a robust comprehensive birth preparation program. Having an empowered,dignified GentleBirth experience will depend on the many choices you have to make.

The GentleBirth Positive Birth Program program involves:

1. Brain Training for Birth and Beyond

2. Comfort Strategies for a positive birth (with or without an epidural).

3. Negotiating and navigating the best birth for you! Do you want to have more control over the experience by understanding your options and what is best practice in international maternity practices? The choice is yours.

In our experience combining all three elements makes for the best birth experience possible.

Wishing you well on your journey with joy, confidence and empowerment.

Some of many benefits of GentleBirth

* Increase your confidence for birth - relax into your pregnancy and reduce anxiety
* Feel more in control during labour and birth

* Significantly reduce your need for pain medication and your risk of a caesarean section.

* Reduce risk of postnatal depression
* Enhance comfort and sleep in your pregnancy - no more insomnia!
* Increase the likelihood of breastfeeding success
* Learn lifeskills!