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Babies change position frequently in pregnancy.  As they grow it's generally expected that by around 34 weeks they will be moving into a head down position. Learning that your baby isn't in that perfect position can cause anxiety as you try everything you can to encourage your baby to move out of a breech or transverse position to avoid a caesarean. 


Help your baby into the perfect position for a positive birth.

Hypnosis is a safe, non-invasive way of encouraging your breech baby to turn into the optimal position for birth – head down and baby’s back to your abdomen.

Approximately 81% of breech presentation babies can be gently turned using hypnosis.

Between 32 and 36 weeks a baby turns from the upright position it has spent the majority of its time in, to a head down (vertex) position. Most of the time this occurs without much notice from Mum. However, for a small proportion of babies (less than 5%) they will remain in the breech position.

This CD can also be used during pregnancy if your baby is transverse or towards the end of pregnancy if your baby is lying back to back (posterior).

The GentleBirth ‘Baby Turning’ program includes 3 Tracks:  

Track 1 - Introduction to Hypnosis

Track 2 – Affirmations for Perfect Positioning

Track 3 – Baby Turning Hypnosis Session

This CD is recommended for use after 35 weeks.  Until around 35-36 weeks your baby has lots of room to turn and flip so starting any techniques (acupuncture etc) too early will be less effective. This CD can also be used towards the end of pregnancy if your baby is lying back to back (posterior) or transverse.

There is a school of thought that believes that the reason for the vast majority of breech presentation babies is fear and tension in the mothers’ bodies, causing a tightening of pelvic floor muscles which restricts space for your baby to turn. Release the fear and tension, and it is highly likely the baby will fully turn. For a few babies there may be a physical underlying cause for a baby who wishes to remain breech.

A study into the effect of hypnosis on breech presentation babies showed that 81% of the babies turned spontaneously after their mothers experienced hypnosis. This compared with 23% of babies in the control group (mothers who had no hypnosis), who turned. The results of this study were deemed “medically significant”.

A study on the effectiveness of hypnosis for turning a breech baby showed that babies turned with hypnosis were more likely to remain vertex - head down - compared with ECV (External Cephalic Version)  This CD includes suggestions to release emotional tension that may be causing your baby to remain breech and positive visualization and communication with your baby to encourage him to move into a head down position - only if it is safe for him to do so. 


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