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Making the decision to go for VBAC can be a stressful one.  Well meaning friends and family members sometimes can't understand why wouldn't choose the 'easy' option of a planned caesarean section.  As you know caesarean birth is far from an easy option - and now you will have a toddler to consider too.  Giving birth is a rite of passage and many women feel they missed out in someway by not experiencing a vaginal birth.


Confident VBAC

Prepare for your VBAC. Boost your confidence as you look forward to a positive birth experience.

Many women planning VBAC question their ability to give birth vaginally, especially if their previous birth ended in an unexpected caesarean birth. The loss of control can become an overwhelming fear.   A planned repeat caesarean may be the safest choice in a small number of situations, but for most mothers and babies the overall risks of surgical birth outweigh VBAC risks.

Many women planning a VBAC will have unique emotional issues to resolve. Sometimes the emotions within themselves are enough to impede their chances of achieving a normal birth.

Take time to consider how you are feeling before the birth, and try to work through your emotions before labour.

The GentleBirth Confident VBAC CD will increase your feelings of control by rebuilding your confidence in birth and your trust in yourself and your baby with encouraging positive imagery and self hypnosis for a more positive, fear free birth experience.

The GentleBirth ‘Confident VBAC CD includes 4 Tracks:  

Track 1 - Introduction to Hypnosis

Track 2 - Affirmations for a Confident VBAC

Track - 3 - Confident VBAC Hypnosis Session

Track - 4 - Music for Birth


Breathing Techniques for Birth




As a busy expectant Mum breathing techniques are probably on a long list of 'to do's' during your pregnancy. Learning breathing techniques from a book can be difficult and most antenatal classes don't have much time to allocate to practicing the techniques with the Midwife. It's more reassuring to have someone guide you as you practice but not everyone can get to a yoga class. With this easy to follow CD - the teacher comes to you and immediate feedback to your questions about breathing, birth and beyond is available daily on the GentleBirth private discussion group on Facebook.!/groups/273661266056860/




Six simple breathing techniques for labour.

Pregnancy is a time of change and celebration, as well as anticipation and anxiety. Practicing the breathing techniques on this CD can help you adjust to the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy and birth in a more relaxed and positive way.  Breathing is the most readily accessible resource you have for staying calm and focused during your baby’s birth regardless of how your labour progresses.

Mastering these easy breathing techniques can be achieved with practice.  Each session lasts a maximum of 10 minutes so you can easily incorporate your practice into the busiest of days.  The full CD lasts 65 minutes with built in short practice sessions.

Practice your breathing techniques as often as possible – at work, driving, in bed, watching TV and during any physical examinations during pregnancy and birth.  The more your practice becomes a 'habit', the more naturally they’ll come to you during your baby’s birth and the more in control you’ll feel. These easy-to-follow exercises are suitable for all expectant Mums. 

Slow focused breathing is the foundation for a calmer birth for you and your baby with or without an epidural.


Breathing for Birth contains 7 Tracks:  

Track 1 – Introduction

Track 2 – Relaxing Breath

Track 3 – Heart Breathing

Track 4 – Scan Breath

Track 5 – Slow Breathing

Track 6 – Learning how to push

Track 7 – Imagery for pushing


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