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Positive Hospital Birth

Prepare for a positive hospital birth for you and your baby.

The prospect of giving birth is in itself a scary prospect and hospitals are not places most of us have positive associations with. Even visits to see loved ones in hospital can be anxiety provoking experiences.  We have developed the Positive Hospital Birth CD for use during your pregnancy to create a more relaxed attitude to your hospital stay and a more confident approach to giving birth.

Your Positive Hospital Birth CD assists in reducing discomfort, eliminating anxiety and fear while you are fully aware and focused. Hypnosis has been shown repeatedly to reduce the perception of pain in labour and increase the likelihood of a normal birth.  Women using this CD find the intensity of the sensations are more easily managed and they can move about freely, adopting positions that promote your baby’s movement through the pelvis.   This CD can also be used if you are planning on having an epidural as a way to stay more comfortable in the early stages of labour before your epidural is available.

We recommend using this CD daily in the last trimester including waiting for hospital appointments and during the birth process if needed.

As you practice at home you'll find that you can easily tune out distractions and choose to remain calm and focused - even in a busy hospital.

The ‘ Positive Hospital Birth CD’ program includes 4 Tracks:  

Track 1 - Introduction

Track 2 - Affirmations for a Positive Hospital Birth

Track 3 - Hospital Birth Rehearsal Hypnosis Session

Track 4 - Birth Rehearsal Music for a Calm, Confident Birth



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