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Happy Holidays from GentleBirth

Wishing you and your families a peaceful and happy holiday season. Tracy Donegan Founder of GentleBirth
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GentleBirth CBE

Become a GentleBirth CBE. Training starts - January 2015.
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GentleBirth Survey Results

The results are in! Better outcomes, more positive births and happier Moms and babies.
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Mp3 Download Instructions for GentleBirth

How to download your Mp3s to your device.
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GentleBirth Workshops - USA

What you'll learn in our US GentleBirth weekend workshops. Brain training for birth - where neuroscience meets midwifery and evidence based care.
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GentleBirth Program Listening Instructions

Listening instructions for the GentleBirth Pregnancy Boxset For more information visit us at For moms in Europe visit us at
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GentleBirth - Brain Training for Birth

Prepare for your best with birth with leading edge neuroscience, mindfulness and sports psychology. Learn how to 'hack' your brain, body and environment for the best birth possible. Developed by Midwife, author and positive birth facilitator Tracy ...
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GentleBirth affirmations video

Prepare for your positive birth with our GentleBirth affirmations. Pregnancy and birth affirmations are an integral part of the GentleBirth program. Our 8CD positive birth homestudy program includes a unique CD of affirmations to be used while driv...
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GentleBirth Antenatal Program

GentleBirth™ - Your positive birth begins here. Recent scientific research has found that your thoughts, beliefs and expectations impact your baby's birth, including how long your labour lasts and how much pain you experience. GentleBirth prepare...
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GentleBirth Workshop Information

Workshops Signs of labour - how long to stay at home? Panic Vs Relaxation during birth - keeping adrenaline at bay Sports psychology techniques for pregnancy and birth The neuroscience of GentleBirth - rewiring your brain from fear to confidence ...
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What's included in the Box Set

GentleBirth Box Set - So what's included. The GentleBirth Guidebook. 200+ pages of instruction, advice and tips. 8 Way Multidisc Case. Keeps discs safe and organized. 8 Individual Discs guide you from that positive pregnancy test through the first th...
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Amazing GentleBirth Statistics

We surveyed 400 GentleBirth mothers The results are in... Epidural rate = 15% epidural rate - national average is 60 - 80% Caesarean section rate = 6% - national average is 30% 98% would recommend GentleBirth to others 99% of nothers would use Gentle...
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